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Commitment to Excellence

Covid showed us that having great credit is more important than ever. As a consumer or business owner, great credit gives you access to unlimited potential. Now, why work with us?

Our Story

Created during the pandemic, we wanted to make sure everyone knew how to properly establish business credit and get funding to scale their businesses, THE RIGHT WAY without losing a lot of money in the process.

Credit Repair Goal

Credit Repair Organization’s goal is to provide credit repair services to assist CONSUMER in achieving an accurate credit report. CONSUMER hereby acknowledges that Credit Repair Organization does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results on behalf of CONSUMER, but contracts to provide the specific list of services as more fully described herein. Credit Repair Organization does not charge for, nor shall Credit Repair Organization collect for, any services, until such services as detailed in the listed contracted services are fully provided. Credit Repair Organization does not contract for services to remove accurate and/or verifiable information from CONSUMER’S credit file. CONSUMER hereby acknowledges that active participation in providing Credit Repair Organization with all requested documents, forms, and information including investigation results, is essential to providing the credit services for CONSUMER. Credit Repair Organization does not provide tax, legal or financial advice. If you need any type of legal advice, you must contact a licensed professional.

Keritan Shelby