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The Infamous “Waiting Game”

When a dispute is filed against a creditor, According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you must allow that creditor a legal 30 calendar days to respond to the dispute. Now I know what you’re thinking… Believe us when we tell you that we understand! Remember, PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE are the two most powerful tools we have in order to maximize your success and during this process, you will have to learn to be as patient as you can be. The reason why the Creditors are allowed these 30 days to provide a written response is:

  1. The credit bureaus are working with both your creditors and collectors to investigate the accuracy of each account in dispute.
  2. In the early stages of the dispute process, there is nothing we can legally do to speed this process up. Don’t be discouraged, there is still plenty of work to be done at JMS Consulting Firm!

This is why we will be emailing, texting, and communicating with you on a weekly, and in certain cases on a daily basis! Should you have any questions or concerns, definitely feel free to ask your Solutions Manager for support!